Dreaming Robots on the CSN Blog

Another post from Dreaming Robots on the CSN Blog.

This is the first of two parts on religion and robotics. Part 1: Robbie finds God, as an American preacher decides it’s time to start looking to convert robots to Christianity (presumably to fill the space in the pews…)

More soon to follow.


Dreaming Robots on the CSN Blog

Busy times here at Dreaming Robots, what with so many movies featuring our mechanical friends having been released this year. We’re trying to keep up, making sense of it all as we go – hopefully soon you’ll able to see in this space the delightful results of all of our hard work.

In the meantime, Michael has been kept busy writing over at the Convergent Science Network Blog, the latest edition being a short piece looking at how our conceptions of robots are being transformed from villain to hero (but why this might not be all good news).

This is particularly topical at the moment with the recent release of Avengers: Age of Ultron – watch this space for a summary of that film.


Oh you two…

The Convergent Science Network – blogs

If I may indulge in a brief bit of cross-blogging publicity: I have started writing on robots and the like on the Convergent Science Network blog, and as I suspect that this blog’s readership and that one share at least some common interests, I will announce those blog posts here, too.

The Convergent Science Network for Biomimetics and Neurotechnology is an international partnership, run from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain and including partners in Sheffield, Padova, Zürich, Okinawa and Baltimore. CSN seeks to ‘conquer the challenges of the real world into new technologies‘.

It is a tremendous project, offering a fantastic resources. In addition to the blog, their website offers podcasts, lectures and publications.

To read my first post — 2015: The Year of Personal Robots? — click here.