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We are also working on a nascent YouTube Channel, which includes some curated playlists, on social impacts of robotics & AI, our activities and a sci-fi film club, highlighting some of the best short films available on the internet. (Please feel free to send us any suggestions for these playlists!)

We curate a Spotify playlist, The Culture of Robots. Suggestions welcome!

Some recent pics and video of us out and about, doing our thing.

A video from MCR Live featuring Michael and some of our Sheffield robots at the Bluedot Festival of science and music.

Our Pepper robot took part in a live performance of Rory Pilgrim’s Software Garden at London’s Block Universe festival. arronphoto-block-universe-software-garden-004.jpg

A video made by the University of Sheffield about our Dancing with Robots exhibition for 2016’s Festival of the Mind, in collaboration with Instant Dissidence

@tonyjprescott and @michaelszollosy at Sheffield’s Code>Make>Win 2016tonyandmichaelcodemakewin