Get ready for… ‘Humans’

Since we first got wind of the Swedish series Real Humans, we at Dreaming Robots have long been longing for the début of the UK version (though we’d still like to see the original sometime, I hope someone is listening…)

Wait no longer.

Humans gets its premier tomorrow night in the UK on Channel 4. And it looks as though it will live up to its promise, conveyed in a super-slick marketing campaign. (See the very-real looking ads, below, and the trailer, at the bottom.)

persona synthetics

Reviews will follow soon after. However, you can follow all the action live as a team from Sheffield Robotics (@ShefRobotics) will be tweeting live during the first episode, including our Director, Tony Prescott (@tonyjprescott) and, of course your very own @DreamingRobots. And more, to be sure. Follow us (link on the right) to keep up with all the action.

Watch the programme and follow #humans for commentary. We’re hoping for a great hour of television!




2 thoughts on “Get ready for… ‘Humans’

  1. I wrote a little bit about this in my blog. Although the Swedish version is better, Channel 4 have still made a good show that is entertaining to watch. Just a shame about some of the cuts they made.

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  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Tom. I didn’t get to see the original, alas. (I did look for it, though; if you could point me in the right direction as to where I might find it with English subs, I’d be really grateful!)

    I enjoyed your review very much. I was hoping that someone who had seen the original would be able to provide that sort of feedback. I’ll be tweeting (@DreamingRobots) while watching the next episode – I’d love it if you could point out big differences.


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