New report on public attitudes to robotics

Very exciting news to all here at Dreaming Robots — and especially so with our workshop on Societal Impacts of Living Machines at the forthcoming Living Machines 2013 conference in London — is the recent publication of this report on what the public thinks of robotics and autonomous systems from Sciencewise.

The Executive Summary reads thus:

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) were identified as a key growth area by Chancellor George Osborne in his speech to the Royal Society in 2012 and confirmed by David Willetts in the report Eight Great Technologies. Public opinion towards RAS tends to be broadly optimistic, stating that these technologies are good for society and could solve problems but there are many issues associated with them (such as requiring careful management or having the potential to impact on employment). Some issues prove to be particularly controversial such as the use of robots in warfare or for the care of children or the elderly.

We’ll be pouring over the report in the next few days, so stay tuned to Dreaming Robots for more information and analysis.


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