Call for Art Works

Living Machines: The 2nd International Conference on Biomimetic Robotics and Biohybrid Systems

A Convergent Science Network Event

Exhibition, 1st August 2013
Level 1 Galleries, The Science Museum, London

Deadline for proposals, 30th June 2013

This 1-day exhibition will include a range of novel biomimetic and biohybrid technologies many of which have not been exhibited in public before.  Contributions are being assembled from across Europe and include examples of state-of-the-art research from Imperial College London, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Sheffield Centre for Robotics, the University of Pompeu Fabre (Barcelona), the Italian Institute of Technology, Engineered Arts, and Shadow Robotics

Current highlights of the exhibition include:

• A live musical performance featuring a humanoid robot
• Mammal-like robots with whiskered touch systems
• Robot swarms whose behaviour is more than the sum of its parts
• A robot mode model of ‘trace’ fossils from the dawn of life  
• Music composed by a bio-inspired computer programme that mimics natural selection
• Plant-like robots that grow and change shape
• Biomimetic medical devices
• A robot that powers itself by digesting insects
• A moth-like blimp that follows people by smell
• Micro-flying robots
• Robothespian—an interactive multi-lingual humanoid
• Wearable computing for finding your way in darkness  

Contributions to the exhibition are invited from artists working in all media on works that have a biomimetic or biohybrid theme.


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