Robots to Hunt the Hunters?

This news from Forbes that Google is to give $5 million to build drones that hunt poaches struck us an interesting this morning.

The idea, we suppose, is a good one – utilising the developments in robotics obtained by the militarisation of technology to a more globally-beneficial end. It sounds promising, and is a nice reversal (e.g. instead of killing human, some of which might be trying to kill other humans, these drones would kill human that were definitely trying to kill animals… which seems like a step in the right direction?)

Whatever the nobility of the project, and/or it’s status as Good Thing, we can’t help but immediately conjure images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, stalking around the jungle carrying a massive blaster rocket laser launcher in a mash-up of Terminator and Predator, while playing Dr. Doolittle. Perhaps the film will be a musical.


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