Robot Game of the Week

Well, it might not happen every week. But you may have noticed that there are a lot of robot-themed games out there, and we think it is in Dreaming Robots remit to examine at least some of them – though we fear that a tedious, predictable theme might soon develop (involving, we suspect, laser blasters and much metal-on-metal blasting). Still, we hope and aim to be surprised.

(We should point out, too, that while we would eventually like to offer substantial analyses of the more… sophisticated offerings in the market, this is not a game-review page. Furthermore, we know that there are much more… involving games out there, but this blog is very busy right now, trying to be an academic and researcher and family person, so you will, alas, have to wait for the substantial analyses of some of these other games. However, if anyone would like to send in suggestions for future review, or their own comments, these certainly will be most welcome. As always, we aim here to create a dialogue.)

So, our first Robot Game of the Week is this offering from Miniclip: Super Robot War. It’s small, it’s easy, it’s brilliant, addictive fun. It features robots smashing robots with fists, with chain-saw arms, with blasters, electronic ninja swords and rocket-launchers.

There is a small twist on the usual Shoot the Baddie Robot theme. While, yes, you are shoot baddie robots, your character, too, is a robot – and a gender-appropriately coloured robot to boot, as the above illustration demonstrates. Not really that much of an innovation, since your robot behaves in most respects like a suped-up human (including the aforementioned gender stereotyping, which presumably invites us to identify with the hero.)

We got to Mission Three before becoming compelled to write you. Post your high scores in the comments.


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