A clangor of robots? a skynet of cyborgs?

This absolutely wonderful illustrated list of supernatural collective nouns from Wondermark.com offers some suggestions for how we might refer to the inevitable armies of robots, cyborgs, androids et al. as they march through us towards World Domination.

Along with other classic monsters, such as a ‘congress of ghosts’, an ‘indulgence of leprechauns’ and a ‘vexation of zombies’, we have a unique ‘Mechanical Class’, that includes the following:

  • a nervousness of AI
  • a yard-sale of androids
  • a bank of automation
  • a skynet of cyborgs
  • a squadron of drones
  • a swarm of nanites
  • a fleet of probes
  • a clangor of robots
  • a harem of sexbots
  • a culture of viruses
Not bad, but on the whole, I felt, not as good as some of the offerings for the more traditional monsters. (I think an ‘opulence of succubi’ or a ‘yearning of sasquatches’ are probably my favourites.) Any other suggestions? Or, heaven forbid, does anyone know if there are correct terms? (A ‘flange’, perhaps?) Comments welcome.
One thing I like about this is that is shows that our mechanical monsters taking their rightful place amongst the traditional monsters of our popular imagination (along with a ‘duty of Frankenstein’s monsters’). 

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